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Marble Worktops: 10 Things Astrum Granite Share with You About Marble Worktops

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Marble Worktops

Marble Worktops

Reasons To Consider Marble Marble effect worktops are so popular, but it is important to understand that there is a big difference between a marble effect and true marble. Marble worktops require a little bit more care and maintenance than other materials, and it is important to fully understand this before you invest in one. Here are 10 things that we believe are vital to know before getting a marble worktop. Feel free to visit our Marble Worktop page and get a free quote on our fantastic marble ranges.

marble kitchen worktops
  • Pricier Than Other Materials

Marble is known for its price. It is a luxury material after all, and it is known for its higher price. That is not to say that this should deter you from choosing it. If you have a higher budget to spend, it is very much worth every penny, and you will not be disappointed, as its beauty and feel will lead to you forget the cost as soon as it is fitted in your kitchen.

  • It Is A Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic rocks are formed from the transformation of existing rock types. Metamorphism actually means ‘change in form’, and happens when the original rock becomes subjected to extremely high levels of heat and pressure, which cause physical and chemical changes as a result. Marble is a perfect example of metamorphic rock, as it is formed from limestone that has been put under that extreme heat and pressure.

  • It Is Truly Beautiful

Marble is well known for its attractiveness. It is one of the most beautiful materials there is and has long been used in historical buildings as a sign of wealth and beauty. The Taj Mahal in India, for example, is made entirely from marble and as a building, it is well known for its stunning beauty. No matter what type of kitchen you have, as soon as you introduce marble, it will give your kitchen a more spacious look. No two pieces are ever the same, and this simply adds to the sheer beauty of the stone.

  • It Maintains A Cool Temperature

Regardless of how hot your kitchen gets, your surfaces will remain cool to the touch. Any keen baker will know just how beneficial this can be to your baking. When you are rolling out dough or pastry it is important that you have a cool surface to roll it on. It will become a lot easier to work with, and, although a little sprinkled flour is still recommended, you will find that the cool surface prevents the dough from sticking as much.

  • It Adds Value To Your Home

A marble worktop really is an investment piece, and even though it might cost slightly more than other materials, you can easily make that money back in the value of your home. Homes with marble in them have been known to be valued higher than those without. It is a brilliant selling point. Even though marble counters are more common than perhaps they once were, they are still seen as a sign of luxury and are incredibly sought after.

  • Available In Different Colours

Just because it is a natural stone, it does not mean that it cannot be interesting. Marble is available in a range of different colors that are all natural and all look fantastic in a room. Just like we have previously said; no two pieces of marble are ever the same. This is the same for the color as well. This means that you will have a completely unique worktop; however, because of this, it is important that you are prepared for slight color changes from ones that you have seen in images.

  • Requires Sealing

The maintenance of marble is often off-putting for those who know very little about it. Unlike some materials, it is porous, which means that it requires annual sealing to ensure that it does not become water damaged. Failure to seal your marble worktop will mean that it is more susceptible to staining, which will damage the image of the stone. So, it is important to take care and wipe up any spillages immediately.

  • Heat Resistance

Marble has a high-temperature threshold yet placing pans or pots can result in discoloration or even burn damage and, the biggest risk, although rare, is called ‘thermal shock’, where the stone cracks from the sudden elevation in temperature. The best practice is to always use a secondary layer between hot items and direct contact with the marble worktop. This should not deter people from using marble as a worktop surface, though, you should just be aware that you will need a protective layer in between the pan and the worktop, such as a pan stand or trivet.

  • Not Easy To Install

As marble is expensive and a precious material it is advisable to have your marble counter fitted professionally. Marble can be very heavy and can become damaged if it is knocked or dropped during installation. Hiring a professional will ensure that you are doing the best for this stunning material, as they will do an impeccable and flawless fit, to make sure that the marble is being shown off to its full potential.

  • It Is Worth Every Penny

Marble might require more work, and be more expensive, than other materials, but it really is worth every penny that you spend. It is more than a worktop, it is an investment, even proving to be beneficial to any future sale of your property. Its beauty will make it a joy to look at daily and, so long as you ensure that the marble is well maintained, it will last for many, many years.

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